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You act like beyonce is too good for kim or something. Every since kim has been announced as a fashion icon bey has been trying to step up her game. Kim was in carine's mag a long time ago. Yawnn tell your "queen" to keep her old ass up, no one cares


If I’m acting then give me my fucking Oscar. Beyoncé is better than and TOO good for her. Kim is nobody’s industry fashion icon [who hangs w/ her besides Riccardo Tisci and Olivier Rousteing (bc of her sister)? oh okay] with what she’s been wearing lately. She wants to be down w/ her sisters so badly so she ends up wearing things that don’t complement her body shape. @ me when she has 3 or more Vogue covers to her name. Beyoncé has you fuming and the fact that Bey continues to pay her dust keeps you up at night! and LOL @ “old ass” when Kim is a good 2 yrs older than Bey. whew! poor u

That GIF tho lmao